Bachelor's Degree in Architecture


In the 2023-24 academic year, a new programme of teaching in English will be launched at the School of Architecture of the University of Granada. This programme is aimed to continue for the foreseeable future and even to increase the offer of courses in English in the coming years.

It is offered to both, local students from the University of Granada and incoming mobility students, seeking in all cases to offer an integrating experience between students of Spanish and other nationalities.

Teaching, tutoring and assessment will be carried out in these courses in English.

This programme opens a whole series of opportunities for the internationalisation at the School of Architecture, such as the following:

  1. promoting the culture of internationalisation at home, understood as a way of internationalising the CV without the need for mobility, but in any case, with a face-to-face experience,
  2. encouraging the improvement of students' language skills, with a focus on their application in the professional field,
  3. encouraging the linguistic training of teachers and its application to their teaching, research, and transfer to society,
  4. encouraging the training of administrative and technical staff, with a focus on improving student and visiting staff attention,
  5. increasing the abroad visibility of the faculty, the staff, and the academic activities carried out there,
  6. networking with new international partners for the exchange of students, faculty and administrative and technical staff, and
  7. facilitating access to the faculty for other students who do not have language skills in Spanish.

Contact and queries

Please contact the International Relations Office by email at or personally at the Architecture School Administrative Offices.

Offer of English courses in the academic year 2023-24

Year of the study

Fall Semester (1st Semester)

Spring Semester (2nd Semester)



(2091116) Architectural Project 1. Group E. Course Guide.

(2091119) Introduction to Construction. Group F.  Course Guide.



(2091127) Construction 1: Load-Bearing Structures (Steel, Wood, Brick)  Group B . Course Guide.



(2091138) Urban Design 2. Group C. Course Guide.



(2091149) Urban Design 4. Group C. Course Guide


(2091151) Architectural Projects 8. Group F Course Guide


IMPORTANT: Due to overlapping timetable, the course (2091127) Construction 1 Group B is not compatible with the courses (2091116) Architectural Project 1 Group E and (2091138) Urban Design 2 Group C. There are other timetable possibilities for these courses, but in Spanish.